Reassurance re: crashing

Bob Arnold rfarnold at
Wed Jun 12 10:36:01 EDT 2002

on 6/12/02 11:18 AM, Ben Rubinstein wrote:

> I say unconsciously because I couldn't tell you what the things are that I
> don't do because they would crash - I've just developed certain habits of
> working with Rev and oh look, I don't crash much now.  Unfortunately, as
> others observe, this may mean I'm missing out on good stuff because of
> something that used to crash - but to be honest, whatever I was doing I'd
> get into habits of working, and miss out on good alternatives!
> At any rate, I wouldn't rush to upgrade the MacOS just because of Rev
> crashing.

Well, I did move up to 9.2, and find that I am crashing less frequently,
although this may be the result of the same unconscious process you describe
and not the OS as I am quickly becoming more familiar and consistent with
RevWorld. Most of the crashes occurred in a phase when I was importing
dozens of large .jpg images to replace the lost "pict" images from the
original HC stack, and doing a lot of image-rediting from within RR. Now
that the images are pretty much in place, and I am just working on scripting
and debugging, things are much  more stable. I am guessing that all that
image importing/app switching stresses RR.

Now what worries me are the recent posts about cross-platform problems with
.jpg images (none of which are referenced, all imported as controls, all of
which I hope will be there in Windows).


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