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Troy Rollins troy at
Mon Jun 10 12:20:15 EDT 2002

On Monday, June 10, 2002, at 11:06  AM, Charles Silverman wrote:

> The W3 recommendations for accessible web sites (WAI) sheds quite a bit 
> of
> light on what to do with states that information should not be
> color-dependent.

While I concur that this is good information, I guess I would question 
its relevance if the note is in context to requests made to modify the 
dictionary. First, W3 is oriented to publishing for the general public, 
and unless Rev is far more popular than I imagine, it doesn't really 
qualify. Second, the links are currently invisble, or more appropriately 
"unidentified". The proposed modifications, even taken into 
consideration for the folks with a particular color deficit, would make 
the links no more or less identified for them.

As I've mentioned before, I would be perfectly happy with underlines, a 
glossary column, or virtually any other solution which has been 
proposed. I would rather this not be an issue of "political 
correctness", and whether or not the proper gender terms are used - I 
simply request that links in documentation be somehow identified as 
such. Further, the other suggested improvements I would have to agree 
with - e.g. maintaining all help related content in a single window 
which always appears where it was last placed. Rev's help system is 
remarkably frustrating on many levels, and I don't remark on this as a 
theoretical critic, but as a paying user, so a diatribe on "why it is 
good" doesn't hold a lot of water unfortunately. At the risk of being 
repetitive, the content in help is good, the help application, is not. 
Oh, and of course, lest I be misunderstood, Rev itself, is good.

Two goods + one bad = pretty good.  ;-)


RPSystems, LTD

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