Newbie project

Jim Humphrey jimh at
Sat Jun 8 18:40:00 EDT 2002

I'll get the trial version of Valentina and give it 
a go.

Jim Humphrey

06/08/2002 2:44:24 PM, "Tuviah Snyder" 
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>  Subject:Newbie project
>  Date:   Sat, 8 Jun 2002 14:44:24 -0400
>  >I have some concern about the objects available 
>  >data access in RR. Are there objects that are 
>  >equivalent of the flexgrid, datagrid and data
>  >controls that are part of VB? If not, are there
>  >uncomplicated ways to duplicate their function?
>  You can use a list field to display data. 
Anything that you can do with the
>  data controls or the recordset object can be done 
using the revolution
>  database library. Drag&drop database support is 
>  >If I use my existing Access database, must I use  
>  Yes.
>  >I have used ADO and DAO with VB in the past.
>  As I understand it ADO uses ODBC to do it's 
>  >Lastly, will the limitations of the RR trial 
>  >restrict what I can do to the point of making it 
>  >impractical?
>  No. Please check out the software database demo 
which can be found at
>  usercontributions.html
>  and look at the VB to Rev comparison by Ken Ray 
>  index.html
>  You may wish to go with Valentina over MS Access. 
It's a very fast cross
>  platform single user database.
>  As for the starter kit limits below is a 3 line 
script for displaying data
>  in a fictional database.
>  put revdb_connect("accessdn","","","") into 
dbconn #connect to ms access
>  database using dsn
>  put revdb_querylist("","",dbconn,"select * from 
emp where empno = 5") into
>  field "datatable"
>  #display tab delimited data into field.
>  get revdb_disconnect(dbconn)
>  #disconnect from database
>  The same 3 lines can be used to display data in a 
Valentina database, only
>  Valentina will work cross platform, and is much 
>  Tuviah
>  Tuviah Snyder ~ tuviah at
>  Runtime Revolution Limited - The Solution for 
Software Development

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