[standalone] Why my image disappear ?

Klaus Major k_major at osnabrueck.netsurf.de
Sat Jun 8 13:57:01 EDT 2002

Bon soir Ludovic,

> Hello,
> I've made a little stack with an beautifull background image, grouped
> with some buttons.
> I created standalones for MacOS PPC, OS X and Win. All works fine.
> but when i created an hybrid CD with these standalones, only the win
> standalone was perfect. The beautifull background as disappear on the
> MacOS standalones (but not buttons).
> Why ?
> --
> Ludovic THEBAULT
> (Sorry for my poooor english :-)

sounds like you are using a referenced image.

So the mac version of your app cannot find the path to that image and so
it does not appear :-(

If it is only one image, you could consider to import a copy into your 

In that case do it this way:

Menu: File: Import as control...: Image File...

Then a copy is in your stack and that image will show up all the time.

If you are using more than 1 image, it is more efficient to reference 

Drop a line if you need more info about referenced images and (very 
important when
building standalones) relative paths, so these images will be found and 
displayed in any case.

Au revoir.

Klaus Major
k_major at osnabrueck.netsurf.de

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