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Fri Jun 7 12:14:00 EDT 2002

> I haven't had any problems with either HC or RR under OS9 that had
> to do with the OS. A few memory issues with RR but nothing particular to
> Can you give us an example of a problem you've had with HC that you think
> a OS-related? It might affect a transfer into RR.

Sure, but bear in mind that I havn't dealt in any HyperCard bugs with my
software for over a year now.

On some machines running OS 9 the pop-up buttons would almost "forget" their
settings (which were hard coded) and they would display an error message in
the button.

The Weird thing is that it only happened on OS 9.  I tried recreating the
problem on 7.5-8.6 and nothing would happen.  When I finally did get a copy
of OS 9, it worked fine.  I assumed that maybe it was the individuals
machine until more and more complaints about the same issue came in.  I
couldn't figure out what it was.  At first I thought it was a bug on G3's
and G4's, but that proved not true when I got a bug report with the same
issue on a non-G3/G4 machine.

That bug happened in both WebCam LIVE and Watson for Hotline.  I just wish I
could find the old bug report e-mails.

Derek Bump
Dreamscape Software, Inc.

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