BCE mark at bcesouth.com
Fri Jun 7 10:05:00 EDT 2002

Ok, finally just purchased a license for runrev!  I've been holding back my
really awful questions for this auspicious time!  So here's one:

I am pretty unfamiliar with the UNIX OS, though working with OS X is getting
my feet wet pretty well.  But we have a pc machine at work that has SCO
OpenServer installed on it.  I created an app in Rev to test on it, but when
I ran it, it said it couldn't open the display, or something similar to
that.  I tried running it from the command line.  Do I need to be in an "X"
environment to run a Rev app on Unix?  This particular machine hasn't even
got that set up because they didn't put a mouse on it.  Lol.  But the
machine is used for customer orders, and it has gobs of text files that Rev
is just asking to delimit.

Any advice would be most appreciated.  Thanks!


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