Is this a realistic project for Rev newbie?

Jim MacConnell jmac at
Fri Jun 7 10:01:01 EDT 2002

>> So tell me I'm nuts :-) Oh, and did I mention this will be my FIRST Rev
>> project?

I think it sounds great. Having a "real" project, Knowing exactly what you
want it to do, having the steps laid out, etc. is the place to start. As a
"newbie" also (except for HC in the early days), I'm trying to sort out what
my first project should be... so I can justify a buy.

I trust you are doing this in part to learn Rev. in which case you aren't
nuts. From what I have seen, the learning curve on Rev in real shallow and
you'll get real results pretty quickly. It sort of depends whether you want
the project to just work for you or if you want to share it with others. The
interface issues, etc. of something that others (read idiots which no-one is
but you need to think like that) can really add to a projects timeline...

I assume you aren't interested in adding capability to the Excel version? If
you are I'm looking for an Excel project to keep my MS Office automtation
skills honed and linking Excel to external datasets is one of the current
holes I have. If the Excel version is automated (and I assume it must be),
you also have a cross-platform tool to do the job... you just haven't
learned something new and kewl like Rev.

Good luck!

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