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Troy Rollins troy at
Fri Jun 7 00:19:00 EDT 2002

On Friday, June 7, 2002, at 12:34  AM, Shao Sean wrote:

>> ...and with all those advantages for REALbasic, the people here still
> maybe due to all the advantages that runrev/mc has going for it (like 
> dev environments on all platforms it compiles to)

Since BOTH companies have my money in the form of Pro licenses, I feel I 
have a right to comment. Rev is arguably more powerful, and certainly 
easier and faster to develop in. Real has a few clear advantages in the 
forms of - the script editor is more elegant and virtually bug free as 
well as supporting a great auto-completion system. AND, the Real help 
system is without a doubt second-to-none. Now, since Rev released I have 
done zero projects in Real, and doubt I ever will again, but RunRev 
would do well to get those things on a par with Real. Perhaps Runrev's 
biggest challenge is help and documentation. The Transcript language is 
SO broad and all encompassing that it is easy to get lost in. We have 
spent hours coding a custom routine for something, only to find out that 
there was an internal function for it built-in! The manuals will help. A 
really killer help app (like Real's) would be even better. BOTH is best. 
Jeanne does a great job, but it is a HUGE job.

Two other things -

1) we need a scripting cookbook. Preferably printed, and we have no 
problem with the concept of paying for it (like the manuals.)

2) in the Rev on-line docs - all links should have color or some 
indication of being "hot". It is EXTREMELY poor design to have hot text 
which is based on invisible hotspots. Playing "hunt for the info" seems 
to be an all too common game in Rev. One developers can ill-afford to 
play. ALL hotspots and links - visible. All the time.

RPSystems, LTD

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