Is this a realistic project for Rev newbie?

Michael McKenzie mikelmac at
Fri Jun 7 09:26:01 EDT 2002

Hi all,

Before I begin, let me just say that I am not a programmer. I've done a few
simple SuperCard projects, and took advantage of the Competitive upgrade
offer on Revolution. One of the reasons I got the software was to help me in
my job as Director of Advertising for a furniture store. Let me explain what
I need to accomplish and perhaps someone would be kind enough to let me know
if I'm heading in the right direction:

Part of my job is doing the media buying, in particular broadcast TV. This
involves analyzing each stations programs and placing advertising based on
the Nielson ratings and the Rate the station wants to try and charge for
each ad placement in those programs.

At the moment I basically gather all this information in an Excel
spreadsheet for each station which contains the tv programs and the days of
the week broken down into half hour "day parts", this is the stations
"program schedule". The spreadsheet also shows each programs Nielson rating
and the rate that the station has quoted me for that program. Once all of
this information is gathered from each station, I then must make a "buy",
selecting x number of spots at x rate for each program and each day that I
want to buy. This is called an advertising "flight" or schedule.

My idea is to use Rev to collect each stations Program schedule to a
separate data card and then have the Rev program allow me to do my "buy" by
first picking a station, then picking a flight, lets say from 6 pm Monday to
12 am Friday, and then the appropriate data would fill in my new ad flight.
I would then simply type in the number of ads I would like to place in the
shows that I want to, with the $dollar total for that flight (as well as
other rating info) would appear calculated at the bottom of the sheet.

So tell me I'm nuts :-) Oh, and did I mention this will be my FIRST Rev

Thanks for reading this long and rambling email. If you have any ideas,
thoughts or questions please let me know.

Michael McKenzie
Director of Advertising
Ruby-Gordon Furniture Inc.

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