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> One other suggestion: become familiar with the Application Overview
> window and all it's facilities.
I m still working on a description of Application Overview´s problems. (see
post to improve list). Because Application Overview could/should be the hart
of rev, but is still its 'Archilles heel. I m fighting for improvment of it
since 2 years. It seems that the rev team does not understand the
importancte of a good Appl ov. I think this can decide the future of the
programm. So pls help me to make it clearer to them...
>> I think that--except for those cases--Revolution should not crash.
>> Ever.  So I would not characterize "non-crashing" approaches as
>> "correct" approaches, but simply temporary workarounds.  This might
>> sound like I "demand perfection", and maybe so, but only in a
>> positive sense,
> I agree.  And to that end, the better we are at identifying "crash
> courses" the quicker the RunRev team can generate fixes to protect us
> from ourselves.  Once a "crash course" can be verified & replicated,
> programming a lock out should be higher priority than new
> development.  Unfortunately, none of the issues I raised above are
> described in enough detail to replicate.


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