Default Font on MacOS X?

Dreamscape Software webmaster at
Thu Jun 6 16:04:01 EDT 2002

> I've noticed that the default font in Rev is not even
> close to the default font in other MacOS X apps.
> Interface Building shows buttons having the font
> Lucida Grande Regular at 13 point.  Plus there is a
> cool dropshadow for the text in a button.
> Any way to change the default font to our own
> settings?  (Couldn't find it in the prefs)  Any chance
> Rev could emulate the drop shadows for text?  If I
> were to use Rev., I'd like my apps to look as much
> like the real thing as possible!

One font that does look a lot like the OSX version of Lucidia Grande Regular
is "Osaka".  Though I have noticed that the Osaka font doesn't allow return
in fields.  So if it's just 1 line of text then it should do fine.

Derek Bump
Dreamscape Software, Inc.

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