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Thu Jun 6 11:38:01 EDT 2002

on 6/6/02 12:15 PM, Rob Cozens at rcozens at wrote:

> Early on I experienced unstableness in the Revolution platform; but
> once I had crashed enough times, I could determine what actions
> (often blindlessly trying something I had not done before to
> determine the best way to do it) caused crashes and a. change my work
> habits &/or b. learn the correct, ie non-crashing, approach.
> Be patient, positive, and inquisitive; but save frequently until you
> get to know RunRev.

I am the recent crash-prone poster. Thanks for this generally good advice,
and I now save after every step -- and will either upgrade from 9.1 to 9.2
or X soon -- but, as an example of my intermittent crashing problems, after
adding a group of navigation buttons including "Next" to all cards in a
stack (imported fromHC) -- and checking to see that all worked properly --
some time later I deleted one lone remaining "next" card button (actually
their names were different, just same labels), and then when using the new
group button "next" again, RR crashed (just the app, not the computer). I
repeated this process three times, deleting the same button and then
clicking the group btn, crashing each time. Saving after deleting the card
button, and then re-opening after the inevitable crash, seems to have
alleviated the problem -- now the Nav buttons work without crashing -- but
am I blundering about by deleting a card button and then clicking on a
button? If I am, I blundered most of the time using HC, but didn't have this
crashing problem.

Not really complaining, however, I am quite infatuated with RR, have long
ago learned the virtues of patience and persistence.

Thanks again.
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