Subject: Virtual PC

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Wed Jun 5 13:51:01 EDT 2002

on 2/6/02 6:23 pm, John Dixon at jdixon at wrote:

> I use Virtual PC  all the time for testing applications that have to run
> on PC's and find the response more than reasonable. With the update to
> 5.0.3, there also seems to have been some speed improvements.
> On Sunday, June 2, 2002, at 04:08 PM, Pierre Sahores wrote:
>> I just tested some x86 distributions (Suse 7.3 and 8.0, Mandrake 7.1) on
>> an IBook2 14" G3 600 - 384 Mo of Ram under Virtual PC 5.03. It ran but
>> so slowly (just alike a toy, realy unusable, even to drag an icon on the
>> kde desktop) that i drop the virtual linux machines directly to the
>> trash... Perhaps in using a biproc G4...

If you can manage to do this under Classic, I think you'll find it much
better - VPC performance is significantly worse under X.  There are also
some tips relating to configuring Windows to improve speed (especially
2000/ME/XP, where the user interface candy soaks up cycles) - see the VPC
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