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Rob Cozens rcozens at
Wed Jun 5 10:04:01 EDT 2002

>I just don't agree with them (in this instance).

What are we disagreeing about, Troy?

My remarks were made in support of my challenge to Loren Rivers' remark:

>Apple is a highly rational organization (just because an
>observer disagrees or fails to understand the reasons for their decisions is
>does not make Apple irrational). If they thought HyperCard was going to make
>more money than whatever else they could do with those resources, they'd be
>all over it.

I did't mean for the focus to shift to Amelio vs Jobs, or colored 
boxes vs real technological progress.

I don't think Apple management understood the potential of Xtalk 
technology any better than Xerox executives understood the potential 
of the PARC Center's GUI or SofTech Microsystems executives 
understood the potential of the UCSD-p system to capture the PC 

If we are to disagree, let's focus our discussion on that.

Rob Cozens
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Who are a little wise, the best fooles bee."

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