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Steve Messimer steve at
Wed Jun 5 08:06:00 EDT 2002

Hi all,

Not being an Apple insider I can't guess why they decided to deep six HC.
It was a great development environment even with its many shortcomings.  The
most amazing thing it accomplished in my view was the huge number of people
it allowed to program. In my opinion this had its greatest impact in the
educational market.  When Apple started losing interest in HC and started
chargiing for it their grip on the educational market went south (to Dell?)
:-)  If they ever want it back they are going to have to give teachers
something besides pretty boxes and hype festivals.

For my part I am not disappointed that HC finally went down the tubes.  If
that hadn't happened there would never have been a MetaCard or Runtime
Revolution.  RR is the best thing (programming-wise) thats happened to me
since the advent of HC.  It also has the potential to become the next great
educational development platform.  The question is how can RR ever become as
ubiquitous as HC in the Ed market given its current pricing model.

This is not intended as yet another complaint about RR's price.  Rather it
is an acknowledgement of the current fiscal state of many of the ed
institutions in the US ( it may be different elsewhere in the world).  Most
K-12 districts barely have enough $ for academic programs much less tech
expenditures.  This unfortunate set of circumstances makes even RR's
resonable Ed Pricing model look extravagant.

Ah but I digress ... sorry for wandering.  ;-)


Steve Messimer

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