Tabbed button pattern

John john at
Mon Jun 3 04:25:01 EDT 2002


    Just beginning to dive into rev and I seem to be getting hung up on 
the simple stuff.  I created a stack (a substack) and placed a tabbed 
button on the card.  Under OS X the tabbed button takes on the pattern 
for an OS X window (light gray bars)  but the stack itself does not.  
This does not look right.

     How do I either set the the background of the tabbed button to be 
the same as the window that contains it or set the window to have the 
background?  If I force the window to have the pattern then I assume 
that I am going to have to change the pattern for different operating 
systems which is undesirable.  The tabbed button also seems to have no 
border no matter the settings I give it.

    Are tabbed buttons ready for prime time?

John Miskimins

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