Sorting lines with diacriticals

Manuel Companys mcompanys at
Mon Jun 3 03:23:07 EDT 2002

Is there any wy of having revolution sorting lines properly when you use
accents, cedillas, tildes, ligatures and so on?

I found only the ASCII way. This works OK for ONE language written with our
alphabet: english*. In any other language the diacritical must be ignored
(French) and/or a modified char becomes a separate letter going just after
the unmodified one ("ñ" in spanish). Moreover some digraphs may be a
separate "letter" as well ("ll" and "ch" in spanish).

HC followed more or less the "text" language preferences. Now, in Revolution
I find "écrire" listed after "zone".  I found a way around for my 9-language
vocabulary stack. But it is heavy and could be prohibitively too slow for
some computers.

I know there is Unicode now, to mix any language with no problem. But
1. Many programs can't use it, and it reqires a recent mighty computer.
2. Its silly to use twice as many bits to get 42 thousands possible chars
when you can have all you need with your old mac just by setting the
preferences  to "Western European Languages"**. Everything you need comes in
the standard fonts.

What would be nice is to have a parameter such as "sortSystem"  : ASCII,
languageA .... languageN, custom.  "Custom" would allow defining a sorting
system for special purposes.

I suppose there is some build-in trick I couldn't find. Or may be some
external. For instance our Frédéric Rinaldi might have written one for

*Except for capitals  (A comes after z) and of course any foreign word or
name you may need ! :-(

**By the way, I notice that most english speakers don know that setting to
"Western European" languages doesn't make difference for english but helps
reading mails from anybody.

***I heard that this can work with windows as well, using the ISO set "Latin
9". This has been known because Outlook refuses the € (euro symbol) if you
dont use to Unicode.

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