exit a repeat-handler

meili bmmeili at swissonline.ch
Sat Jun 1 14:26:01 EDT 2002

Why is it not possible to exit the following repeat-forever-handler by using
the mouseclick-function?

on mouseup
  put the topleft of graphic "rectangle" into TopLeftHolder
  put the topright of graphic "rectangle" into TopRightHolder
  put the bottomright of of graphic "rectangle" into BottomRightHolder
  put the bottomleft of graphic "rectangle" into BottomLeftHolder
  put the mouseloc into MouseLocHolder
  repeat forever
    if the mouseclick then
    end if
    set the loc of image truck1.gif to BottomRightHolder
    show image truck1.gif
    move image truck1.gif  to TopRightHolder in 1 second
    hide image truck1.gif
    set the loc of image truck2.gif to TopRightHolder
    show image truck2.gif
    move image truck2.gif to TopLeftHolder in 1 second
    hide image truck2.gif
    set the loc of image truck3.gif to TopLeftHolder
    show image truck3.gif
    move image truck3.gif to BottomLeftHolder in 1 second
    hide image truck3.gif
    set the loc of image truck4.gif to BottomLeftHolder
    show image truck4.gif
    move image truck4.gif to BottomRightHolder in 1 second
    hide image truck4.gif
  end repeat
end mouseup


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