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Monte Goulding monte at sweattechnologies.com
Sun Jul 28 23:51:00 EDT 2002

Hi Ben

I was wondering if you or anyone else had an example of these:
> On Mac, you need to catch the appleEvent message, checking for id
> of "odoc"
> (open doc).   The data then gives the file information.

Is this about right?

on appleEvent pClass,pID,pSender
	if pClass is "aevt" and pID is "odoc" then
		request appleEvent data
		-- fileOpen is my handler that accepts a file path as a parameter
		-- which is what I assume is in the appleEvent data?????
		fileOpen it
	end if
end appleEvent
> On Windows, since this always (?) results in launching a new
> instance of the
> app, you need to put code in startup or openstack, according to
> the needs of
> your project, to check the environment variables $1...$n, which
> will be the
> file info.
My specific situation is I am using a compressed stack as my fileType for
this project. In previous projects I've used just normal stacks so the
engine opens the stacks OK as long as I set the registry settings correctly.
This time I've got to handle the environment variables as you say but I keep
getting told that Windows can't find the file.

So the problem is that I keep getting told that Windows can't find the file
even though it does find the file and my decompress & load script is run.
I'm running Windows XP if it makes a difference?????

Thanks in advance

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