99 bottles of beer on the wall in 356 languages

David Vaughan drvaughan55 at mac.com
Sat Jul 27 23:09:01 EDT 2002


Thanks for the lyrics correction. Ever thought of doing work in 
documentation? <grin>  I have melded the ideas from your code with mine 
and reposted to ls-la.net
(http://99-bottles-of-beer.ls-la.net/r.html for those that missed it) 
where it should replace the existing code by tomorrow. I took the 
liberty of inserting your name as a credit ;-)

Only ten hours to midnight here and I can hope not to be entirely silly 
by work tomorrow. Still, it was amusing reading the site and being 
reminded of the number of languages I once either used or had to learn 
or at least tried out. From the evident experience (who mentioned age?) 
of many others on the list here, they will have a similar experience. 
Look also for the Easter Egg in ZT and some others. Of course, what we 
should be doing is coding an animation........I won't!


On Sunday, July 28, 2002, at 07:34 , Jeanne A. E. DeVoto wrote:

> At 8:58 PM -0700 7/26/2002, Kee Nethery wrote:
>> Just thought I'd mention that there is no example code for Revolution
>> singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall and of the 300+ languages
>> represented. <http://99-bottles-of-beer.ls-la.net/r.html>
> A shame and a disgrace. ;-)
> I did one last night. It's similar to David's but I believe the 
> generated
> lyrics in this one are correct - David, you might want to adapt those
> changes....

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