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Dear Yves

you have to build a data structure that describes the buttons, their contents
and their state.
you can store the data structure for example as a card custom property.
when a button is clicked, you have to
  lock the screen
  calculate the new positions of the fields and buttons
  set the locs of the fields and buttons to the new positions
  perhaps make invisible fields visible, and visible fields invisible
  store the new state in the custom property
  unlock the screen to show the new situation.

that's how it has to be done. No thinkering with working with the current
positions (except perhaps as not moving a non-changing field).
I hope you have a fast enough computer to do all this on clicking. My guess
is that a PowerPC 601 with 80MHz, or a 68040 with around 50MHz would be
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>>Bonsoir Yves,
>>>I work on Mac with Mac OS X
>>>I'd like to make 3 disclosure btns.
>>>They are left aligned under each others
>>>When the disclosure of the 1st btn goes down, I'd like a fld is 
>>>showed under the btn and the 2 other btns are below the fld
>>>and so on for the 2 other btns and flds
>>>I have many problems for writing codes with the heigths of the flds
>>>Can somebody help me
>>>-- Greetings.
>>>Yves COPPE
>>can you explain this a little more ?
>>I don't get it...
>>Au revoir
>Hi Klaus
>I'd like to make something as we see in the finder of a mac :
>each name of folder has a little disclosure icon before his name
>when you click on the icon, the icon goes to down, the folder 
>"expands" and the other names of the folders below are under the 
>"expanded" list of the content of the folder
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