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Sarah sarahr at
Wed Jul 24 21:41:01 EDT 2002

If the items in each line are separated by tabs, then you just need to 
set the tabStops of your field. Go to the second part of the field tab 
in the Properties palette, turn on vertical grid and then start entering 
numbers in the "Tab stop every" field. Separate tab values with commas 
and just experiment until it all works. Then you can turn off the 
vertical grid if you want, but it makes the initial setup much easier.

You might also want to set the field to "Don't wrap" so that any long 
lines don't overflow into the line below.


On Thursday, July 25, 2002, at 10:08  AM, Feasey, Nicholas wrote:

> I'm having a problem when I add fields from a file into a field.
> I have, say, name, address and phone number.  The text file uses a TAB 
> as
> the delimiter.
> I load it into the list and everything loads just fine.
> However, I can't get the fields to line up.  I'm not sure what the 
> issue is.
> So, if I have the following fields with each item separated by TAB:
> Joe Smith	123 Somestreet	416-999-9999
> Nicholas Feasey	7 MyStreet	416-888-8888
> ...when it gets into the list field it doesn't line up (in the example
> above, for obvious reasons).
> Is there some way to set the fields to a maximum length so that all 
> fields
> are equal then when it is brought into the list all of the fields are 
> lined
> up?
> Can I put each item into an individual field and have the three fields
> (Name, Address, Phone Number) scroll in sync?
> I guess what I'm saying is I need some advice from a more experienced
> Revolution coder which can give me and others some tips on how to work 
> with
> scrolling text fields.  Especially on how to work with fields to get 
> them to
> line up in lists, etc.
> Any assistance, as always, is greatly appreciated.
> N
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