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Filippo Galimberti fgalimbe at
Mon Jul 22 12:32:00 EDT 2002

>From: "Ken Ray" <kray at>
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>Subject: Re: defaultFolder usage
>Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 10:21:26 -0500
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>Just a quick note to let you know that the ask file/answer file commands
>*will* be fixed (I have seen an update of the engine that contains these
>fixes), and will hopefully be in the 1.5 release (since it is based on the
>most recent version of the MetaCard engine).
>Ken Ray
>Sons of Thunder Software
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Dear Ken,
thank you for the information.
Now, I'm a bit confused because, if I read correctly the message I received 
from Revolution support, the "defaultFolder" is not expected to work with 
the "ask file" and "answer file" commands, even in the 1.5 release. The 
fixes in this release will regard only the problems with the "with 
defaultPath" option of the ask/answer file commands.
Kind regards
Filippo Galimberti

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