Flow charts

Tim tim11 at bellatlantic.net
Wed Jul 24 13:18:00 EDT 2002

On 7/24/02 8:54 AM, "Richard Gaskin" <ambassador at fourthworld.com> wrote:

> Tim <tim11 at bellatlantic.net> wrote:
>> Does anyone know of any stacks, tutorials for creating dynamic flow charts
>> in Hyper, Super, Meta-Card or Rev? Any info would be much appreciated.
> I don't have any examples that can be readily shared (mostly client stuff),
> but I've buil a few flowchart and concept map tools, so I might be able to
> provide some pointers on what I've learned.
> What sort of flowcharting are you looking to facilitate?
> And by "dynamic", do you mean simpky having connecting lines move as boxes
> are dragged, or are you looking at something deeper like having those boxes
> represent process elements in an active system model?

I'm thinking of building an engine that would take a nested text outline
(delimited by returns and tabs) and create a visual flow chart which would
be text fields connected by vector lines. I know there's a program called
Inspiration that can already do that, but I only need some functionality it
has not all of it. The trickiest part is making sure that no items overlap
one another.  If you have any ideas, I would be very thankful.

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