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Wed Jul 24 10:51:01 EDT 2002

I always (always refers to HC) had a card which contained the script to
create the distribution.
it made a selective copy of the stack, containing the distributive cards
Additionally it made automatic translations from translation cards, since
here I need at least two language versions. The test code (scripts, objects)
was disabled, hidden and the like, or thrown out.

The built-in standalone builder is just one step in the creation of golden
master for distribution. I would even consider making the standalone application
"standard", without contents.

Compare it to C++: you have to build separately, without debug symbols.
And so on.

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>on 7/24/2002 10:07 AM, jez at jbradshaw at wrote:
>Perhaps I am missing something but I cannot see any way to separate the
>phase (using the Browse tool - the hand - in development mode) from the
>Build phase. Values that are put into all my text boxes, etc in Browse
>(test) mode are saved with the stack, and when the application is built
>these then become the default values at run time.
>There does not seem to be a property of an item which forces the item to
>cleared at build/run time, which to my mind is the most logical solution.
>Currently I have to create a function which manually clears all the fields
>want cleared, and call that manually from the Msg window before I want
>Save and Build the application. The "SaveStackRequest" message does not
>to fire when I save the stack - otherwise I could just call my function
>Any ideas anyone ?
>The way you are doing things is correct.  I've always had to clear all
>fields before creating my standalones.
>Yes it is a pain in the .... but your little script to clear the fields
>the way to go until a new revision of Rev addresses
>this issue.
>Good Luck!
>Rick Harrison

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