background color PPC bug

Howard Bornstein bornstein at
Tue Jul 23 22:04:01 EDT 2002

>Are you talking about the backdrop or just the background color of your 
>If just the latter,I recommend making a background graphic rectangle, setting 
>it to layer 1, and then choosing whatever color you like to fill that using 
>colors pallete.  In fact, when I create a new stack for PPC, my habit is to 
>create this background graphic to get rid of that gray.  A leftover from my 
>metacard work :-)

Yes, I am talking about the background color of my cards (the background 
color of the stack, actually). And yes I did exactly that--created a 
blank image, sized it to the card size, colored it and sent it to layer 
1. There are often work-arounds for bugs and this is one. BUT, Rev has 
the ability of setting the background of a stack to a specific color, and 
this works fine in all but the Mac OS PPC build (actually, I didn't test 
the Unix build).

I'd be interested in a confirmation of this bug if anyone else happens to 
try it.


Howard Bornstein
D E S I G N  E Q

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