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Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Tue Jul 23 01:49:00 EDT 2002

At 4:24 PM -0500 7/22/02, Ken Ray wrote:
>You are correct, and that was what I intended to say: the 1.5 release
>*should* fix the "with defaultPath" option for ask/answer file, but will not
>affect the issues with setting the defaultFold prior to opening an
>ask/answer file dialog box *without* setting the defaultPath. That is:
>  answer file "Pick a file:" with "C:/WINNT/SYSTEM32/"
>*will* work, whereas:
>  set the defaultFolder to "C:/WINNT/SYSTEM32/"
>  answer file "Pick a file:"
>*may not* work (depending on Windows OS).
>Hope that's clear,

My understanding is that the defaultFolder is never supposed to affect the directory that pops up in an answer file dialog. 

The "with someDirectory" option is supposed to take care of that.

DefaultFolder is actually just a synonym for directory. It's included for SuperCard/HyperCard compatibility. (The) directory is Revolution's working directory for commands like "the files" and "the directories," but it's specifically intended _not_ to affect the directory that will show in an "ask file" command, so as to allow you to work with as many directories as you like, without affecting the directory that will show in a dialog.


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