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Sun Jul 21 01:41:48 EDT 2002

At 11:18 AM -0700 7/20/2002, SBasssMan at wrote:
>  set the style of the templateGraphic to oval
>  set the height of the templateGraphic to 5
>  set the width of the templateGraphic  to 5
>  create graphic "ThisOval"
>I get a circle that is 120 x 120.

There's a script in Rev that, if a newly created object is less than a
certain size (I think it's 10x10 pixels), resets the size to the defaults
set in Preferences. This is intended to prevent the situation where someone
clicks with one of the object tools and accidentally creates a tinier
object than intended due to letting go of the mouse prematurely, but at
present it also affects scripted object creation when you're running in the
development environment.

I believe this came up a while back in another situation and Kevin
mentioned it was on the list to be looked at. Meanwhile, as a workaround,
setting lockMessages to true just before creating the graphic should avoid

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