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Tue Jul 16 12:28:01 EDT 2002

>> Revolution supports animated GIFs; can't you make an animated GIF timed
>> appropriately and just play it in Rev?
> Thanks for the reply.  The answer is...  yes I could use an animated gif but
> I'd rather swap out icons.  Its more convenient to changing the rate at
> which images are swapped in my btn's script than it would be if I had to go
> to another program to tweek the gif anmiation.

Actually, Ken's suggestion is a valid one. You don't need to go to another
program to tweek the frame rate, nor are you limited to the GIF's encoded
frame rate when playing it within MC/Rev.  You can set the repeatCount of an
animated GIF to 0, which causes the GIF's animation to pause on the current
frame.  You can also display any frame of the animated GIF using the
currentFrame property, and you can do this using your own timing.  Animated
GIF control is actually a very powerful feature of MC/Rev that is often
overlooked.  See your Help files for related terms (currentFrame,
repeatCount, frameCount, etc).

> It seems to me that this feature of RR needs a bit more work.  It would be
> nice if there were a way that you could store images in a stack without
> having the image expressed as a object. Forinstance when you select the
> "Import as control" menu item of the file menu. It would be nice if the
> image were stored in the stack permanently irrespective of whether or not it
> was used as an image on the current card.

I can't comment on Rev's specific features here, but it seems easy enough to
get the behavior you want -- you simply import the image and place it in a
group.  When you want the image, place the group on the card.  To remove the
image, remove the group from the card; the image will still be available to
the stack.  You could also place all your images in a hidden group.  To
display an individual image, you set the icon of a button to the ID of your
desired image; to remove the image, set the ID of the button to 0.

The bottom line is, the images need to be stored *somewhere*.  Whether you
place them on a card, in a group or in separate stack is up to you, but IMO,
it's nice to have these several options.

> I guess what I am longing for here is a set of features that are similar to
> resCopy.

I would hazard a guess that ResCopy doesn't do anything which can't be done
natively in Rev.  Perhaps if you describe the features that resCopy offers
which you can't figure out in Rev, a solution can be found that fits your


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