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Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at
Sun Jul 14 21:14:00 EDT 2002

on 7/14/02 5:40 PM, Geoff Canyon at gcanyon at wrote:

> The stack will likely be fine, although Revolution doesn't autosave, so that
> will need to be handled.
> When built as an application, though, the functionality will stop. This is
> because Windows and Unix do not allow changes to a running application. The
> Mac is similarly restricted in Revolution. There are (at least) two ways to
> adjust for this. On the runrev web site, there is a preferences manager by
> Rinaldi. Also, you can store the stacks that need to be saved externally to
> the application. The Standalone Builder handles this for you.
Thanks, Geoff. I'll look into it.

BTW, I have an app I'm working on in HC, designed with an RR shell in mind
as well. As part of the editing process, there will be fields of phrase
categories and associated phrase lists in the group. If, for example, the
user adds a new category, the app must add a new field to hold the phrases,
plus, similarly, if a category is deleted, it must delete the associated
field. Also, it must have the ability to add, delete, or edit phrases in any
of the categories. In HC, the category list is a Shared Text bg field at
present, operated from the HC app (or a player).

Will the Standalone Builder help me handle this as well?

Ken N.

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