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Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Sun Jul 14 19:44:03 EDT 2002

>Hello Rev list,
>This is probably covered elsewhere, but I can't read the docs on this laptop
>(it runs out of memory when they open, at the moment) and the subject of
>programming standards compliance came up over at the HC list:
>Most classic HC recipe-type db stacks almost always allow text field
>updates, new cards, deleting of old cards, etc., auto-saved back to the
>standalone (because it contains a player in it).
>What happens if one tries to convert such a stack to Rev, or even rewrite it
>as a Rev standalone?
>Best regards,
>Ken N.

The stack will likely be fine, although Revolution doesn't autosave, so that will need to be handled.

When built as an application, though, the functionality will stop. This is because Windows and Unix do not allow changes to a running application. The Mac is similarly restricted in Revolution. There are (at least) two ways to adjust for this. On the runrev web site, there is a preferences manager by Rinaldi. Also, you can store the stacks that need to be saved externally to the application. The Standalone Builder handles this for you.


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