Dar Scott dsc at
Fri Jul 12 09:38:01 EDT 2002

On Friday, July 12, 2002, at 02:22 AM, Larry Forsgren wrote:

> In sending commands to the mail server I used linefeed
> as described in the Revolution documentation
>    write "command" & linefeed to socket "socket"
> This certainly does not work on Windows but replacing
> linefeed with CRLF works just fine as someone pointed out.
>    write "command" & CRLF to socket "socket"
This is a characteristic of the protocol, not Windows.  (I'm 
assuming that POP is like SMTP and does use crlf as the line end.)  
Your pop client code will be able to port to other platforms 
without your changing this.

(Good catch, Shao Sean!)

Dar Scott

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