Dar Scott dsc at
Tue Jul 9 19:49:00 EDT 2002

On Tuesday, July 9, 2002, at 03:40 PM, Larry Forsgren wrote:

> I need a bit of assistance on sockets. Trying something like
>   open socket "mailserver:110"
>   read from socket server until linefeed
>   answer it
>   close socket "mailserver:110"
I assume server contains "mailserver:110".

You can set up some diagnostics.  After each socket command, log 
the result, the sysError, and the openSockets to a field.  Make 
handlers for socketError and socketClosed and log those calls, 
too.  You might as well log the data from read while you are at it.

This can give you a "heads up" that might indicate the problem or 
provide details to send to the list.

Dar Scott

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