More Movie Difficulties

Klaus Major kmajor at
Tue Jul 9 04:34:00 EDT 2002

Hi Mike and Chipp,

> Mike,
> I could be wrong, but my understanding is that RR uses QT to play .avi
> movies. In otherwords, without QuickTime, avi movies cannot be played. I
> don't think RR or MC supports playback except through QT.
> -Chipp
> PS you can alway include a QT installer on your CD-ROM.

RR uses QT, if QT is installed.

If not it uses the (poor ;-) build-in video capabilities of windows.

AVis with the RLE, Indeo3.2, Cinepak and Video1 codec (and even MPG, so  
i've heard) are supported.

The MS-mpg4-clone is not supported and no DIV-x.

That means that you cannot use all the videos that WMP is playing.

I f noone can supply a list of supported AVI-codecs, i am afraid you will
have to check it with different AVIs by yourself.
(Please supply the list after that ;-)

Hope that helps a bit...


Klaus Major
klaus.major at

I know, i know...
...but QT is an industry-standard, even on windows.
Sorry for that, i couldn't resist ;-)

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