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Mon Jul 8 12:13:01 EDT 2002

>Explanation: Revolution IDE is entirely built in Transcript.  Hence there is
>a huge amount of code that you didn't write that you are exercising when you
>are working in the development environment.

Yes, i was aware of that. Much like the Smalltalk world where I've 
spent a lot of time over the years. I was merely surprised at the 
number of times actions I thought were sort of in keeping with the 
planned use of the product popped up these errors in the underlying 
code, particularly when I couldn't find any documentation for these 
bugs or any discussion of them on the list.

>The IDE is less than a year
>old, and growing fast - hence has a reasonable number of bugs.

A "reasonable number of bugs" is zero! :-) At least that's what my 
clients keep telling me. ;-)

>  The
>underlying engine is licensed from MetaCard, and has been ten years in the
>refining - hence is very stable.   When you create an executable, you are
>basically stripping out all of Revolution's code (apart from any libraries
>you may choose to add in, eg database, geometry manager) and just sticking
>your code directly onto the MetaCard engine.  Hence it is indeed generally
>the case that standalones are more stable.

Makes sense. And, ultimately, is what matters.

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