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Dan Shafer dan at
Sun Jul 7 10:34:01 EDT 2002

Chipp Walters wrote:

>Couple of points. First, I agree with you. I don't understand why RR
>wouldn't want ALL USERS of RR to be able to post to the improve list --
>unless it's a kind of paid for beta-testers only list. I would imagine the
>folks at RR would welcome all developer input regarding bugs, etc.. In fact,
>exclusive posting to the improve list only started a couple of months ago.

Well, I see they do have a place for non-pro users to make 
suggestions about product enhancements, so there is at least an open 

>The other point is one you know very well. Like you, I spent too many hours
>in HC / SC / ToolBook only to see these companies and products NOT succeed.
>Fact is, the old model of charging $199 for an authoring tool just doesn't
>work for these 'talk' products. I'm glad to be able to support RR (even
>though their product is new -- and IMHO not as finished as could be) and I
>don't mind supporting the cause.

Good point. It *would* be nice to find a product that would give me 
all this power *and* be around for a while. Frankly, I felt so burned 
by Apple on HyperCard that i *seriously* considered switching my 
entire life to Windows in protest. But I figured it would be a 
meaningless gesture and then i'd be giving up my most comfortable 
platform for one where I know enough to get around but where I'm not 
really happy.

Seen from that perspective, paying the larger license fee just to 
support RR might have some real merit. I don't intend to make money 
from RR (though I might do so accidentally), so justifying a grand 
may be hard. But $300? I can probably do that.

Your observation that RR is "not as finished as could be" is 
worrisome for me, but only a little. I keep encountering runtime 
errors in the development environment that are pointing to code I 
didn't write. Strangely, most of the time these errors *appear* to be 
bogus, but the fact that they pop up is not only annoying, it 
concerns me that I'm missing some real bug and going blithely on my 
way and that they will jump up down the road and bite me where I sit!

>Since the SC/HC days, I've used VB, Java, Flash, Director and others and
>nothing can compete with RR/MC for the speed of development. Plus... the
>executables are remarkably stable and fast!

I hear you. And I agree that the executables are really fast. In 
fact, the executables seem even more stable than the apps in process 
inside RR on some levels. Still too early to pinpoint specifics, just 
a feeling.

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