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Sun Jul 7 10:27:01 EDT 2002

>Second, sorry if this seems like a "flaming response," but casually 
>tossing out SuperCard's price requires some sort of reply.
>SuperCard is (IMHO) a great product at a great price. Nevertheless, 
>Revolution has advantages that (again, IMHO) more than cover a $299 
>vs. $149 difference in price. Among them are:


I would never have intended to imply that there was a comparison 
between RR and SC. And you're right...just tossing out the price with 
no qualifiers was not very helpful. Of course, I haven't kept up with 
SC development and didn't want to take the time to do a feature 
analysis (so I'm glad you did).

I think the point I was trying to make is that the traditional fee 
for xTalk tools has been in that under-$200 range. I remember when I 
first saw MetaCard, I said, "Alright! This looks like it could be 
really powerful." Then I looked at the license price and choked. As I 
recall, it was several hundred dollars per platform. And the UI? 
Ugly, ugly, ugly.

RR may well be worth $300. I'm starting to think it is. The main 
thrust of my concern was *only* that the official license excludes 
tech support for a $300 product, something I had never seen before. I 
was surprised.

>I'll step off the soap box now...

Ah, but you fit it well! Got room up there for two? :-)

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