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Ken Ray kray at
Sun Jul 7 00:50:01 EDT 2002


> I completely understand the value of this list and want to assure
> everyone that I am not denigrating that at all. I'm just not
> accustomed to spending several hundred dollars on a piece of software
> whose license terms explicitly indicate no tech support. Seems kind
> of bizarre!

I know what you mean. When I first got involved with MetaCard, it was the
same situation, but for a $995 price tag (not $300 like Revolution). But it
was kind of like a leap of faith... the email support and list support I
received was more than sufficient for any problems that I encountered, and I
never needed the kind of telephone support that other companies provide for
a limited period of time after your purchase their product. But most (if not
all of them) also don't get personally involved in a day-to-day basis with
the "rank and file" that uses the product. But Runtime Revolution *does* get
involved; I have been very happy with the support from RunRev, and
(personally) I don't think that getting telephone support would add that
much to the overall value of the product.

Now as to your comment about providing access to the improve-revolution
list, I don't know why it is restricted. Perhaps someone from RunRev can
comment on that directly.

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