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Dan Shafer dan at
Sat Jul 6 23:40:01 EDT 2002

I'm a bit of a Johnny-Come-Lately here and although I've posted my 
share of questions in the past couple of days, my long standing as a 
curmudgeon and a pundit prevents me from being silent when there's a 
policy issue that doesn't seem to make sense or that I just don't get.


I understand the pricing strategy at Revolution, even though I'm not 
altogether sure how I feel about paying $300 for a product and 
getting NO support. it's been a long time since I saw a practice like 

What I *don't* understand is how/why Revolution would limit its 
customer feedback mailing list (improve-revolution) to folks who 
cough up a grand for the professional license. That seems to me to be 
counter-productive. Even those who run the free runtime can have good 
ideas for improving the product, no? And certainly those who pay $300 
for the small business license and are reasonably serious developers 
ought to be able to participate in that dialog.

So what am I missing? Why the restriction on communication, 
particularly given the intentional lack of tech support for all but 
the highest-paying customers?

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