Running CGI's locally on OSX

Mark Paris mparis at
Thu Jul 4 21:35:01 EDT 2002


What do you get when you try:

http://my.machine.ip/ or http://localhost/ ???

This should return the Apache default page if you haven't altered that
directory.  And the cgi-bin should work, but you may indeed need to
configure the apache config file to make it do so.  Check out some sites on
apache, or maybe on Terminal for OS X and it should tell you how to edit
those files.

Try this one for starters:

This is another, more geared towards php/mysql stuff:

Hope that helps!


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> > Have you tried  http://my.machine.ip/cgi-bin/test-mc.cgi ?  This should
> > work.  I'm thinking you need to configure Apache some more to run a
> > in your user folder, but the main cgi-bin (CGI-Executables folder)
should be
> > ok.
> No go... You must declare your user directory in the URL "~katir" or it
> fail. Also I put mc and the script itself into the CGI-Executables folder
> and tried:
> http://my.machine.ip/Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables/test-mc.cgi
> But I get a  404, file not found
> Still throwing stones at mangos too high to pick.
> I'll look into the config thing.. I do recall something about having to do
> something to some config file, but don't know what it would be...
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