Maintaining scripts and groups in library files

Dar Scott dsc at
Tue Jul 2 16:34:01 EDT 2002

I have just discovered the stackfiles property.  Cool!

I think have been going down a bunny trail in trying to keep 
libraries and library-like stacks as substacks.

I want to maintain a handful of libraries to be used by several 
mainstacks.  I am beginning to think these should not be substacks 
but separate mainstacks found by stackfiles.

However, I have some questions about this.

Can I refer to all objects and handlers of a stack just by virtue 
of stackfiles?  Can I "call" a handler in such a stack if I don't 
want to use "start using"?  I don't want my standalones to go over 
the 50 limit for "start using".

If I use a stack through stackfiles in a mainstack, is there an 
easy way to make it part of the standalone built from the 
mainstack?  A not-so-easy way?

Do I need to make sure that all stacks used directly and indirectly 
have unique names?  That is, suppose I use several stacks through 
stackfiles and each of these have several substacks used as dialog 
boxes, can these have the same name?  Can a mainstack be used as a 
qualifier to specify a substack?

Do substacks "see" the stackfiles of the mainstack?

Do substacks of mainstacks set in "start using" count as the 50 
limit for standalones?

Can I place a group on a card in one stack and that group is 
defined and maintained by a stack found through stackfiles?

Well, six questions are probably over my quota; I'll stop there.

Dar Scott

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