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Klaus Major k_major at osnabrueck.netsurf.de
Wed Jul 3 11:16:01 EDT 2002

Hi Mike,

> Hi All,
> What is the best format for displaying a video clip in Revolution on a
> Windows system such as XP or Win 2000?
> I have used .avi files in the past with mixed results an would like to 
> know
> if anyone has recommendations on the best, optimized format.
> Thanks,
> Mike Brown

first there is nothing like a "best" format ;-)

It depends on the situation, hardware etc...

But in general i can say that i have the "best" results when using
the QuickTIme format with its wonderful codecs.

Of course this demands QT to be installed on the system.
I think it is already pre-installed on XP... Is it ?

With QT you will have excellent playback in RR and
lots of possibilities to control the movie (more than a simple start and 

And QT supports lots of different file-types. So you can put avi, mpg, 
swf (yes, Flash !)
and mov into a player and it will play.

(Not to mention the sound and image formats that are supported by QT,
but that is another story... :-)

That's why i choose QT for playback of video-footage in RR/MC.

Hope that helps...


Klaus Major
k_major at osnabrueck.netsurf.de

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