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Rick Harrison harrison at
Tue Jul 2 08:11:01 EDT 2002

on 7/2/2002 8:55 AM, Heather Williams at heather at wrote:

>> Shipping to Switzerland is even more, USD 55, from UK (while actual shipping
>> cost isn o more than around USD10). Switzerland is still in Europe.
> No, shipping to Switzerland is rated at $35. We count it as part of Europe,
> even if not part of the EU.
> However, all this is rather a moot point at the moment. I have sold out of
> manuals. How much interest is there still in purchasing manuals from the
> people on this list? We need to assess whether there is sufficient demand
> for a reprint. The price will go up to $99 (since a smaller number of books
> would be printed, costing us proportionately more).
> Please, please, do not respond to the list. Respond to me, personally,
> heather at
> Regards,
> Heather


Considering how quickly you sold all of them, I suggest you print
a bunch more.  The revolution has just begun! :-)

Rick Harrison

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