Mouse polling (sheesh!)

Curry curry at
Wed Feb 27 18:55:02 EST 2002

Kevin Miller wrote:

> I'm not entirely clear why there is such concern here: I have not at any
> stage even suggested that these functions will be dropped.  In fact I have
> said very little on the subject.  We are having some debate as to the
> precise behavior of these functions and may or may not make changes.  But
> there has been no suggestion, at any time, from anyone on the Runtime team,
> that these functions will be dropped.  So can we please end this aspect of
> the debate now.

Well, I'm very sorry to have bothered people (and spent a lot of my own
time) pleading for a cause that didn't exist. The reason I did so is that
Scott's post did say that these functions would be deprecated and said we
should move away from them. I know that Scott is part of MetaCard and not
Runtime, but I think you can see why such a statement from "the man" himself
led me to believe that the functions in question were indeed likely to be

Although some people were debating about the future behaviors of the
functions, I believe that even more were talking about how to get by without
them, so I may not have been the only one who was mistaken in thinking the
functions were over the trash chute lid and the level was about to be

Again, sorry, and thanks for clarifying what's going on so that we don't
have to worry about it. Sheesh! There's nothing like worrying and arguing
for something and then finding out it was all for nothing and it would have
been better to have stayed in bed.

Curry Kenworthy

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