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> And that's why we have hammers to pound nails, although with practice you
> might be able to drive nails with another tool or with a rock or even your
> bare hands or your forehead. If I picked up on Scott's messages correctly (I
> don't want to put words in his mouth but) it seemed like he was willing to
> consider reworking the functions and keeping them in a more logical and
> simplified form if people could indicate whether changing the behavior would
> be acceptable for them, and if so, how should it behave.

This has devolved into a bit of a philosophical discussion, but my
position would have to be that removing the mouse function would not
be equivalent to denying people a hammer, it would be denying them a
pair of Vice Grips.  As any tool aficionado will tell you, Vice Grips
are a tool used only by people who don't have (or don't even know) the
right tool perform a particular job.  They're a lousy pair of pliers,
a totally unacceptable replacement for an adjustable wrench (which is
itself merely a poor substitute for having a proper socket set), and
make a pretty clumsy clamp.  I own several different sizes, but can't
recall ever having used them.  I'd have no problem at all if someone
wanted to ban the tool entirely (hey, I'll turn mine in tomorrow if
you want! ;-) which is the same position anybody who understood the
issues here would take WRT the mouse function, at least WRT use in a
script that you plan to use more than once or to distribute to other

I don't seriously think we can get away with deleting the mouse
function entirely, but would entertain the possibility of adding a
property like the explicitVariables that you'd have to change from the
default to allow the script to compile.  I propose we call it the
ImGoingToTakeTheQuickAndDirtyApproachRatherThanDoingItRight.  It would
default to false, and you'd set it to true if you want to have the
mouse and the mouseClick not cause script compilation errors ;-)

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