Ready-made buttons and fields

Klaus Major kmajor at
Tue Feb 26 07:27:01 EST 2002

Hi Randy and all,

> In a message dated 2/25/02 8:09:30 PM, JacksHyperInfo at writes:
> << It would be great if one of you knowledgeable rev people would 
> create a
> stack
> of ready made buttons and ready made fields.   Some of you remember that
> hypercard included these in their software.  These sure would help 
> beginning
> programers.    They could be posted for download at Runrev.   Anybody
> interested.
> Jack
> As soon as I get anything of substance I'd be glad to post.  I too 
> appreciate
> what others offer.
> Randy Kent
> Stagecraft, Inc.

what kind of examples would you like to see ?

"Some readymade buttons and fields" is definitively not enough info to
fulfill your wishes ;-)

I am sure that nicely commented scripts will be appreciated ? :-)


Klaus Major
kmajor at

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