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>I visited your site (nice), you have a lot of valuable-related 
>information there; I will definitely be reviewing your lessons.  I 
>am still puzzled over how to create a browser field (for building a 
>browser); all I can find on the tools palette are standard text 

In fact, you don't need a special type of field to display formatted 
html text; any field can do it.

>Or, are you saying that by using the htmlText function, that when 
>you get a URL address, a regular text field/box will display the 
>actual web page, not just the html code?

Exactly, just

set the htmlText of fld "myField" to URL <url goes here>

>Also, what Rev command would be used in a browser to refresh; would 
>just repeating the get URL command accomplish this?

Right, you'd have to do that manually.  Rev provides the basic tools 
for displaying web pages, not the niceties we're used to in web 
browsers.  Those you'd have to build in yourself.

Steve, if you'd like I'll email you a copy of the stackfile (72KB) I 
used to demonstrate some of these concepts to my students.  Email me 
offlist if you're interested.

Devin Asay
Humanities Research Center
Brigham Young University

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