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> Hello,
> I am trying to build a simple browser in RR.  However, I cannot figure 
> out how to create the browser window; there appears to be no such icon 
> on the tools/component palette to do this. 
> For instance, in Visual Basic there is a WebBrowser control – 
> represented by a globe icon that creates a browsing window.

There is no "Browser window" like in VB. Note that both VB and iExplorer 
are from microsoft, and that VB uses the build in IE engine under 
Windows, such an approach would not work under any other OS, or when 
they would split them apart (only four years since the antitrust 
What you can do however, is to show each html page in a simple textfield 
with the command:

put URL "file:" into field "myTextfield"

BUT! this will not show anything then text. maybe even the raw source, 
im not shure bout that. If thats the case add the following to make rev 
show a styled version:

put htmltext of field "myField" into text of field "myField"

When you want to display pictures, tables or anything like that, you 
would have to get them from the html-source yourself and make a Stack 
which shows the mixed content (could get very complicated if you ask 
me). But maybe someone already did that?

Another aproach would be to tell a browser to open the URL for your 
stack/app. view the acrobat/applescript topics in this list for input on 

hope this helps

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