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Klaus Major kmajor at
Mon Feb 25 04:05:01 EST 2002

Bonjour Alain,

> It is courious that I can do a lot of things within the messagebox and 
> it doesn't works when I include the same command or function in a 
> handler.
> For example, I select a line in a scroling locked field with 
> listBehavior turned to true, using arrow key. I type  PUT THE 
> HILITEDLINE OF FIELD "MaList" and the result is the number of the 
> hilited line.  If I type the same in a handler with  onEnterInField, 
> the result I get in my variable is not an integer, it is this string: 
> hilitedLine. So I cant refer to the line by its number.
>  I can refer to a number's line if I click on a line with the mouse.
> Is there any solution?
> Thanks
> Alain Vezina
> Logilangue international

For "hilitedline", append an "s" and it will work :-)

It has to be "the hilitedlines of fld xxx".

That will return the number of the hilited line(s) !

It has to be the plural, even if there is only one line hilited !!!

Check out the "selectedlines"in this context, too.

This will return something like:

line 4 of field 7

So you can easily extract the desired line-number and more info...

Hope this helps...

A votre service et au revoir

Klaus Major
kmajor at

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