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> Hello,
> I am trying to associate the Little generic arrows (image ID 201317) with a
> field, to display a range in the set numbers (1-30) when clicked up or down.
> I have set the cTargetField to the field name, and I have set MInValue and
> MaxValue for the arrows button.  However, when I click the arrows up or down
> the number displayed in the field does not change.  Do I need to put something
> in for the script of either the button or the field?
> Thanks
> Steve

Nothing is needed in the scripts.  You should put the name of the target
field in cTargetField, don¹t put it in quotes or anything like that.  Your
destination field should have two custom properties,  one called cMinValue
and the other called cMaxValue.  I notice you say you set the arrow buttons?
No, that¹s not where to put the cMinValue and cMaxValue, you put them on the

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